Cross Plains Public Library

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Events for March 18

Today, the Crockin’ Girls - Nicole Sparks and Jenna Marwitz - are helping us celebrate the NEA Big Read and will be featured guests at a “Puttin On the Ritz” Brunch to be held today, March 18, from 11am-1pm at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.  Nicole and Jenna will be sharing cooking tips, cooking up samples for us in their crockpot and autographing their cookbooks (bring yours or purchase one at the brunch).

Wear your “riches” (we will help with headbands, pearls and boas)! Popular vote will declare the best-dressed.  Dine on menu items popular in the 1920's. There will be party favors and loads of door prizes - including the girls’ cookbooks! Cost is $15 per person.  Tickets are available at the door.

Today’s Trivia: A Frenchman, Nicolas Appert, first came up with a reliable method of preserving food in bottles or cans.   He published his method in 1810.  It was only 30 years later that another important tool of canning was invented; that was...

(answer for yesterday’s trivia:  It was the first drive-in restaurant.)