Cross Plains Public Library

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Events for March 26

We are coming down to the final week and there are more events to enjoy.  To recap:  Monday - Christine’s Crafts will be filling sacks decorated by Ms. Richards’ class for Meals-On-Wheels recipients with a copy of “The Great Gatsby,” a bookmark, a sachet, a bag of sugar-free candy, and a box of nuts; Tuesday - volunteers will deliver our sacks of goodies to Meals-on-Wheels recipients and our final puzzle will be available; Wednesday - LAP and Lapsit children will read “The Lion’s Share” while ASAP will read “Those Shoes” and draw the final blocks for our quilt; Thursday - we will view the 1949 version of “The Great Gatsby” and eat dinner at the library; Friday - our pictorial postmark will be available at the post office.

Today's Trivia: When World War I broke out in Europe in 1914, the steady stream of European immigrants came to an end.  Industrial recruiters began enticing southern African-Americans to come to the North, Midwest and West.  What was this mass movement of people called?

(answer for yesterday’s trivia: The cake walk, the black bottom, and the flea hop were also popular – quite a change from the stately waltz, or even the livelier polka of previous times.