Cross Plains Public Library

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Events for March 27

Join us for Christine's Crafts at the Senior Citizens Center from 12:30pm-1:30pm.  We will be filling sacks decorated by Ms. Richards’ class for Meals-On-Wheels recipients with a copy of “The Great Gatsby,” a bookmark, a sachet, a bag of sugar-free candy, a string of “pearls,” a roaring 20s head band, and a box of nuts. We will wrap-up our discussion of "The Great Gatsby" and welcome your input.

Today's Trivia:  When is the Jazz Age said to have ended?

(answer for yesterday’s trivia: “The Great Migration.”  By 1919, some 1 million blacks had left the rural south.  The impact on American culture was huge.  In 1900, nine out of every 10 black Americans lived in the South; three out of every four lived on farms.  By 1970, less than half the country's African-Americans lived in the South, and only 25 percent were living in the region’s rural areas.)