Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

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Message from the Board President

Your financial support is still needed!

Many of you know that we have received some wonderful donations in the last two years.  The old church building given by the Cunningham & Lowe families netted us $85,000. The board decided this money should be used only for capital improvements or major repairs and is being invested very conservatively.  We also received $16,000 from the Pauline Lawson Estate and with it we have finally purchased proper furniture for the multi-purpose room and replaced our flagpoles.  We may use some of it for a matching grant to replace the old carpet – if we can't get another matching grant. 

We have a comfortable cushion and want to make it last as long as possible.  We don't know how long that money will last; we do know that back in the early 80s, we received $50,000 from one of the Howard heirs.  The board has used it very carefully for capital improvements and repairs when necessary.  At this time, over 30 years later, we still have $4,500 of that gift left. 

Obviously, if we start using our “cushion” to cover operating expenses, it will bleed down very quickly, and we will have no resources available for improvements or repairs – other than hoping we can get grants to cover them.  For a major repair that must be done quickly, that is nearly impossible. 

The library's operating expenses are about $35-36,000 per year just to keep the doors open.  We're able to keep that so low thanks to our wonderful volunteers, and because we've always had a board of directors and librarians who pinched every penny until President Lincoln yelled.  This year, the City has raised its contribution by $1,750, and the County by $250, and we are very grateful for that help with operating expenses.

We hope you will keep the library in mind for donations for our operating expenses.  We have a national award-winning library in Cross Plains, and we need your help to keep it going.

- Ginny Hoskins