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Robert E. Howard Books For Sale

Blood and Thunder, by Mark Finn

Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Cimmerian, Solomon Kane, King Kull, and many other characters that helped define the genre of heroic fantasy, lived all of his thirty years in the small town of Cross Plains, Texas. While his books remain continually in print, Howard himself has fallen into obscurity. The details of his personal life have become mired in speculation, half-truth and lies. This engaging biography traces the roots of his writings, correcting many long-standing misconceptions, and takes us on a tour of Howard's world as he saw it best: through his own incomparable imagination.


Copies of RE Howard original manuscripts ($.25 per page)

The Black Moon - $4.25

The Black Stranger - $24.50

Cultured Cauliflowers - $4.75

The Devils of Dark Lake - $7.25

The Ghost With the Silk Hat - $13.25

Guest of the Hoodoo Room - $13.00

The Hand of the Black Goddess - $10.50

Hawks Over Egypt - $12.25

The House of Om (synopsis) - $3.25

Iron-Clad Fists - $5.00

The Isle of Pirate's Doom - $8.75

King of the Forgotten People - $6.25

Law-Shooters of Cowtown - $2.75

Lord of the Dead - $10.25

A New Game for Dorgan - $3.95

A New Game for Dorgan (another draft) - $3.75

The Road of Azrael (short) - $4.00

The Road of Azrael (long) - $10.00

Sailor Dorgan and the Destiny Gorilla - $4.50

Sailor Dorgan and the Yellow Cobra - $4.00

Sons of Hate - $12.25

Sword Woman - $11.00

Swords of the Hills - $8.75

Swords of the Red Brotherhood - $21.00

Three-Bladed Doom - $35.25

Three Bladed Doom (another draft) - $20.25

The Trail of the Blood-Stained God - $7.00

A Two-Fisted Santa Claus - $5.25

The Voice of Death - $4.25