Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

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"Thank-you" City and County

Big thanks go to the City of Cross Plains and Callahan County for boosting their donations to the library!   For the last several years, the City had donated $3500/year, and the County, $2000.   Due to recent changes in the requirements for State accreditation, this year we had to ask for more… and bless their hearts, they came through for us. 

We are now receiving $5,250/year from the City, and $2,250 from the County.  That brings the total contribution from local government to $7,500, the amount needed for accreditation.  And accreditation is important because...?  We get operating and technical advice and support from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, and that's important.  Even more important, without state accreditation, we can't get grants for programs and improvements!  The granting foundations simply won't give to libraries that aren't accredited by their state governing body. So a BIG THANK YOU to the City and County for their increased support.

Please remember, though, that we still need YOUR donations to cover the rest of our operating expenses of some $35,000/year.  We can't get grants for basic operating expenses, so we have to depend on your generous help.