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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

New Local Books for Sale

Titles currently available at the library.

Footsteps of Approaching Thousands, a History of the Early Days of Cross Plains, by Ann Beeler 


On The Banks of Turkey Creek by James Nichols


Cross Plains Remembered, vol. 1, 2 & 3


Memories of a Bald Eagle by Jack Tunnel. Resident of Cross Plains talks about WW II.


Journey to Freedom, by K-trina Meador 


Only Make Believe, by Judy Keel


Quotable Texas Women, by Susie Kelly Flatau and Lou Halsell Rodenberger


The Last Chance, by Mike Blakely


Spanish Blood, by Mike Blakely


Unidentified Texas Objects


Holloway's Raiders, by Ed Walt


Cousins Camp, by Carol Walt


Dreaming In Italian, by Carol Walt


Dead Reckoning, by Mike Blakely


I Remember Callahan by Callahan County Historical Commission


Cottonwood's My Home - Recipes, Memories and History 

$20.00 each    Supplements - $15.00

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