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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

Meet the Author

Authors come to the library to discuss their books.
We invite authors to tell us about their writing careers and books they've written.  Afterward, there is a question and answer session followed by refreshments. Don't forget, you can buy a book or bring one of your own for the author to sign. There is no charge for admission.


Lou Rodenberger did a book review for the Cross Plains Public Library on February 12, 1998. It was so much fun, she inspired us to start a whole new series called "Meet The Author".

Fall 1999 Carlton Stowers

Winter 2000 Elmer Kelton 

Summer 2000 Lawrence & Sonya Clayton

Winter 2001 Bill Neeley and Drew McDaniels

Spring 2001 Paul Smith

Summer 2001 Elmer Kelton 

Fall 2001 Don Coldsmith

Winter 2002 Melinda Rice

Spring 2002 Dr. Kenneth W. Davis

Summer 2002 Sheriff Richard I. Mack

Fall 2002 Nancy Robinson Masters

Winter 2003 Elaine Coleman

Spring 2003 Mike Cockran & John Lumpkin

Summer 2003 Don Graham

Fall 2003 Carlton Stowers

Winter 2003 Bob Lapham

Summer 2004 Don Frazier

Fall 2004 Marion Stegemon Hodgson

Winter 2005 Bob Green

Spring 2005 Helen Kleburg Groves

Summer 2005 Carol Walt

Fall 2005 Lester Galbreath & Glenn Dromgoole

Winter 2006 Barbara Barton

Spring 2006 Henry Chappell

Fall 2006 Johnny Boggs

Winter 2007 Mark Finn 

Spring 2007 Ben Rehder

Summer 2007 Carol Walt - Fundraiser

Fall 2007 Bill Neal

Winter 2008 Elmer Kelton - Fundraiser  

Spring 2008 James Olson

Fall 2008 Mike Cox

Winter 2009 Joe Specht

Spring 2009 James & Meredith Olson - Fundraiser

Fall 2009 Al Pickett

Fall 2009 Stan McGowen - Fundraiser

February 2010 Murray H. Edwards

May 2010 Bob Favor

October 2010 Randy J. Taylor

March 2011 Ed Walt

April 2011 Karen Witemeyer

July 2011 Al Pickett 

October 2011 Paul Sammon - Fundraiser

April 2012 Judy Keel - Fundraiser

July 2012 Bill Neal

April 2013 Patrick Dearen

August 2013 Carlton Stowers

March 2014 Sharon Riley

March 2014 Dean Smith

April 2014 Denzel Holmes

September 2015 Dan Smith

November 2015 Carol Kjar

January 2017 Robert "Bob" Hinkle

March 2017 Riders on the Orphan Train

June 2017 Carol Kjar

August 2018 Tiffany Harelik

February 2019  Al Pickett