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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)


The Dino Dictionary - Discover dinosaurs through descriptions, definitions, and drawings of these terrible lizards.

The Dinosauria - Find the truth about dinosaur myths and hear about current dinosaur discoveries in America,


The National Zoo - Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Also find out what you can do to help save endangered species.

The Little Farmers' Place - Learn what farming is all about - From planting soybeans to harvesting wheat.

Caterpillars & Mystery Bugs - Bug stories, a bug's life, bug games, and... bug food?

Microbe Zoo - They're everywhere! In the trash, in your yard, in your home, in your food, and even in your mouth. Yuck!

Animal Encyclopedia - Learn what it takes to be a zoologist, and about some ferocious and friendly animals.