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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)



Kids Running - When should you run? What should you eat? What are some secrets to running faster?

Sports Illustrated for Kids - Draft your own baseball team with Fantasy sports or watch Andy Macdonald do some extreme skateboarding tricks.

Sport Science at the Exploratorium - Find out how to do an Ollie, learn the physics of surfing, and discover what those dimples on a golf ball are for. 

KidSites -Sports       

DOGO - sport current events for kids

Sports Social Studies

The Olympics


Street Play - Kids Games & Rules for activities such as jacks and jump rope

Negro League - Learn the history of the league, read the Hall of Fame, and Jackie Robinson's transition to the Major Leagues

Young Masters Golf - Learn how you can get started playing golf today. Having the right grip, making the best swing, and pitching the perfect... tent?