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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

Donations and Loans of Property Policy

It is the policy of the Library that all property donated to the library becomes the absolute property of the Library, to use and dispose of as the Board of Directors, in consultation with the head librarian, may direct.

If a person wishes to loan the Library one or more items for display on a temporary basis, a photographic record will be made of all items on loan and stored. If at any time, the Lender or the Library decides the display should be removed, 2 weeks’ notice will be given to the other party. After that 2-week period, the material must be picked up within 1 week. If the Lender does not pick up the material on time, the item(s) will become the property of the Library to use or dispose of as the Board of Directors may direct.

Any property loaned for a set or limited time will be protected within the limits of the Library's property insurance. No restitution will be made to the Lender in any amount over the limits of the Library's insurance coverage.

Adopted April 9, 2018