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"A Family Affair" by Fern Michaels

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I have read quite a few novels by Fern Michaels and I have to say “A Family Affair” may be my favorite.  It is a modern day beautiful romance and has some comedy to it.

Trisha Holiday is a dancer in Las Vegas who receives a note with a $1,000.00-dollar bill attached, asking her to have a drink.  The note happens to be from a prince, but she declines the invitation and wants to get home, as she has a high fever and is coming down with the flu.  Trisha passes out at her car and when she wakes up she is in a hotel room with a doctor, 2 nurses, and several maids - all of this overwhelms her.  You guessed it: the prince found her and saved her.  The Prince, named Malik, and his body guard have just finished receiving their PhDs and want to live in America.

Trisha and now Sheik Malik fall in love and wed and she agrees to the antiquated terms of their marriage.  After four years of marriage without getting pregnant, she prepares to abandon her husband per their agreement.  Malik has been gone so much without telling her why, that she suspects he is already looking for her replacement.

Back in Las Vegas, Trish decides to spend her time using her “new” money to get revenge for her sister and three friends who have been left in a poverty state after divorces from their “attorney” friends.

You need to read the details that her “networking” accomplishes with her ex-brother-in-law and his friends.

What happens to her and her friends she left in Dubai?  Does she return to the love of her life?  I think you will enjoy this one.


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