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"Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella

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Sophie Kinsella is well-known for her Shopaholic Series of books.  I read all of them several years ago when she was a new writer and found them funny and silly; so, of course, I had to read one of her later books.  I settled on “Wedding Night.”

Kinsella’s latest novel is a fun fling about two sisters who have very different opinions on love.  Lottie is hoping that her boyfriend, Richard, will to propose to her; instead, he just wants to take her on a vacation.  When Lottie finally realizes that marriage is the furthest thing on Richard’s mind, she calls it quits.  Eager to marry, Lottie turns to an old flame, Ben.  The two had spent a summer together when Lottie was 18 on the island of Ikonos.  Ben is much more receptive to marriage and the two rekindle their romance.

When Lottie’s sister, Fliss, finds out that Lottie is going to marry Ben, she is determined to stop the wedding, convinced that Lottie is making a HUGE mistake. She enlists the help of Ben’s coworker Lorcan, who is also against the marriage.  Lottie and Ben are hastily married and fly off to Ikonos, thwarting the plans of Fliss and Lorcan to stop the wedding.  Fliss is left with no alternative but to sabotage the honeymoon.

There’s plenty of silly fun to be had in this charming comedy of errors.  If you enjoy “Wedding Night” consider checking into her Shopaholic Series.


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