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"Payback at Big Silver" by Ralph Cotton

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“Payback at Big Silver” by Ralph Cotton is full of authentic old west detail and dialogue for all you western enthusiasts.  Arizona Territory Ranger Sam Burrack knows all-too-well that criminals don’t concern themselves with consequences.  So, it’s no surprise to him that Sheppard Stone, the sheriff of Big Silver, makes an enemy of wealthy cattle rancher Edsel Centrila and his son - who think they’re above the law.  After Stone refuses to help Centrila get his son out of jail, Centrila throws all of his money into buying up property in Big Silver and putting gunmen on every corner - some aiming right at the sheriff’s office.


As Ranger Burrack traverses the Badlands, he too becomes a target because of his association with Stone.  Now he must return to Big Silver to watch Stone’s back.  But it won’t be easy - Centrila won’t stop until his son is free, and Burrack won’t stop until justice is served.


I found several interesting plot changes that were unexpected.  I really began to like the sheriff and the ranger – both had strong characters and intelligent minds.  The sheriff was a recovering drunk, and the question became “can he remain sober with sucking on his cherry cough drops or will the temptations get the best of him and make him think that he once again is a WOLF???”

Even though this is not my genre, the story kept my attention and I enjoyed and recommend it, especially to those who love westerns.

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