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"Lady Justice Gets Lei'd" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #3

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The hilarity continues in the third installment of Robert Thornhill’s Lady Justice Series.  In “Lady Justice Gets Lei’d” Kansas City cop Walt Williams and his girlfriend Maggie travel to Hawaii to tie the knot.  In tow are best man (and former conman) Willie and matron of honor “Dirty Harry” Mary.  And it’s a good thing Willie and Mary are there to help Walt and Maggie, as they get into serious trouble.  Ancient artifacts, political zealots, and a tiny lizard drag them into some sticky situations.  And while Walt’s small apartment is being enlarged to accommodate the honeymooners, a skeleton is found in the wall, and Walt is accused of murder - putting the wedding on indefinite hold.

Author Thornhill and his wife were married in Hawaii and re-created Elvis’ marriage ceremony in Blue Hawaii - just like characters Walt and Maggie. Thornhill and his wife Peg lived in Maui for five years, so the author is able to bring the culture and traditions of Hawaii to life, as well as describe the beauty of the islands.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Thornhill’s writing: the action is fast-paced, there are many subplots, the situations are comical, and the characters are true-to-life.  He weaves the subplots effortlessly into the story.  Such is the case of Walt’s eighty-six-year-old father, John Williams, who comes to live in his apartment building when he is asked to leave the assisted living center because of “lewd and lascivious” behavior.  He strikes up a romance with eighty-three-year-old Bernice Crenshaw, who also lives in the building, and these two senior citizens embark on their own comical adventures.

If you want a fun and easy read, then start with Book#1 and enjoy the adventure!

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