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"Lady Justice and the Candidate" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #9

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The latest installment in Robert Thornhill’s Lady Justice Series is very appropriate for this election year.  In “Lady Justice and the Candidate” Kansas City cop Walt Williams is drawn into an upcoming presidential election.  The slate of candidates is shaken up when an independent named Benjamin Franklin Foster arrives on the scene and captures the hearts of America with his no-nonsense plans to change the status quo.  However, not everyone is enamored with Foster and the Secret Service needs Walt’s help.  Why Walt?  Seems that with a few tweaks to his appearance, Walt can pass as a double for Foster; so, he is enlisted to switch places with Foster after each speech, in order to “meet and greet” the public, while Foster is safely tucked away.

 In order to pull off their plan, Walt must fake his death and move into a “witness-protection” like program, away from family and friends.  During this time, he has several close calls and comes to realize that he is a sitting duck for assassination - and may REALLY die!

 Walt’s usual entourage of friends and family do not appear much in this book; rather, the author has taken this opportunity to expose the many frustrations of the average voter when electing a candidate to fit their ideals.  Unlike previous books in the series, there was very little comedy, but I found it refreshing and would recommend it to anyone of voting age.

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