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"Rock With Wings" by Anne Hillerman

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Fans of Tony Hillerman and his Navajo Tribal Police mysteries will be excited to know his daughter, Anne Hillerman, has written two books with her father's well-known and fan-favorite characters. In the book, Rock With Wings, Anne Hillerman continues the stories of Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, and Bernadette Manuelito with the same talents and knowledge her father had of the history of the Navajo Tribe, the understanding of the deep traditions and religion, and the cultural details he provided about his subjects. The wonderful expression and description of the landscape of New Mexico makes you want to go immediately and see for yourself the magical hold it has. All these ingredients plus solving a mystery is rewarding!

The story opens with the legendary Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn recovering from a gunshot wound. Jim Chee has been given the job of Lieutenant in his place. The active Jim Chee and his wife Bernadette “Bernie” Manuelito don't often find time to take a vacation, but try to do so. They are going to spend some time near the Monument Valley where Chee's cousin needs help establishing his pictorial tours. It is a favorite spot for the movie industry and has been since movies like Stagecoach were filmed there. The action picks up when a zombie movie is now using the famous area for their set. Knowing Chee is a law officer, he is asked to help when a mysterious grave appears and other strange things begin to happen. In the meantime, Bernie is called back to Shiprock because her aging mother needs help when the sister who lives with the mother and takes care of her has not come home from partying with friends. So much for a long-awaited vacation! When Bernie returns home she has a traffic stop where the man appears to be very nervous and is sweating. What is making him so anxious?

Through the twists and turns the author takes you on to solve two unfolding mysteries, you get to enjoy the well described spectacular scenery of Monument Valley and Ship Rock, and learn Navajo customs and traditions. Anne Hillerman has her father's gift of combining mystery and history. You will enjoy!

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