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"A Love of Her Own" by Maggie Brendan

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I just finished reading book #3 in the Heart of the West Series by Maggie Brendan.  I have not read books #1 nor #2, but this one stands alone. In “A Love of Her Own” April McBride is on her way to Lewistown Montana to attend her brother’s wedding, while trying to recover from a broken engagement herself. April finds that she can only go so far by train and must transfer to a stagecoach that Wednesday, while the wedding is on Friday.

The stagecoach breaks down and she “sweet talks” the stagehand into loaning her one of the horses so she can get to the wedding on time.  Dressed in pants, duster, and floppy hat she barely gets there in time and must stand in the back of the church where her brother acknowledges her.

She meets one of her brother’s friends, Wes Owens, who is a horse trainer.  In need of a horse she visits him and a relationship develops. The question is can April and Wes see past their differences to envision a future together?  Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

What do you think?

This book can be found in the Christian section of your Cross Plains Public Library…Happy Reading!


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