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"Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #4

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In book #4 of Robert Thornhill’s Lady Justice Series, “Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels,” Kansas City cop Walt Williams and wife Maggie return from their honeymoon.  Both in their sixties, neither has been married before, so they approach the concessions and adjustments to married life with the same humor as illustrated in the previous books. I laughed as the typical husband-wife scenarios unfolded: she takes over the master bath and closet, while he relegated to the guest bath and closet; she wants new curtains and furniture, while he is content with the old, worn-out things that have been with him for years - I think we know who wins that argument!

Meanwhile, Willie - Walt’s maintenance man and friend - learns about his roots when his aunt dies and leaves him her “estate,” including an old window that Thornhill uses to weave in a well-researched history lesson on the James Younger gang. 

Although this installment has its usual humor, it takes on a more serious subject as a group of religious fanatics, calling themselves God’s Avenging Angels, are doling out their own brand of Sodom and Gomorrah justice - and of course Walt and his partner Ox are smack dab in the middle of it. This book will have you thinking about your own beliefs and prejudices - which is exactly the author’s point!

Members of the AARP will love this series, but be sure to read them in order for the best effect. 

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