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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"The Lightkeeper's Ball" by Colleen Coble

Book #3 is the last of the Mercy Falls Series by Colleen Coble and was just as delightful as the first two.

In “the Lightkeeper’s Ball,” we meet the Stewart family.  They were once one of the wealthiest families in America but their funds have dwindled to nothing.  Their only hope is for Olivia to marry someone with a secure financial future.  Her sister, Eleanor had married one of the wealthiest men in America, but she died.

Olivia travels to Mercy Falls to discover the cause of her sister’s death and check out Harrison Bennett, her sister’s widower.  In order to accomplish this, she travels under her title of Lady Devonworth - hoping to learn more before she commits to a marriage.

Olivia and Harrison Bennett develop a romantic relationship … but there is a catch: he vows that he will never marry another Stewart, in particular Eleanor’s sister Olivia.  Then Olivia finds out that her sister’s death was not an accident and Harrison is not the person she thought he was.

Mercy Falls holds a Masquerade Ball to build a new light house, since the old one was destroyed in a storm.  All secrets are revealed at the ball - but can Harrison love Olivia when he discovers her true identity?  And can Olivia live with failing her family?  Will God intervene? 

I really enjoyed the “Mercy Falls” series with their mystery and a hint of romance and I recommend that you check them out at your Cross Plains Public Library.

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