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"Fool Me Once" by Harlan Coben

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         Harlan Coben’s new book, Fool Me Once, is another of this best-selling author’s outstanding thrillers that keeps you guessing throughout the book about the solution to the mystery he presents. The story opens with the main character, Maya, at the cemetery burying her murdered husband. She has recently returned from serving as a captain in the war, where an incident on the Syrian-Iraqi border caused the military to “encourage” her retirement. A few months before her husband was killed, her sister was mysteriously murdered. What was going on? Was there a connection? Maya is determined to find out. With her military skills and training she sets out to find the answers. Interference comes from all directions, her husband’s family, her sister’s husband, the military, and the work places of the deceased. There seems to be someone wanting her to think she is delusional by setting up questionable events.  Her search is becoming more and more dangerous, but she still follows elusive clues with determination.

            In Harlan Coben’s style of writing there is always a surprise that catches you totally unaware. If you are not familiar with Coben’s books you will be thoroughly entertained with his thrillers and will become an instant fan. Coben writes stand-alone books, but he is well known for his series featuring the character Myron Bolitar. In the Bolitar books Coben mixes mysteries with humor which makes them delightful as well as entertaining. 

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