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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"The Lightkeeper's Bride" by Colleen Coble

I enjoyed book #1 of the Mercy Falls Series by Colleen Coble so much that I read book #2 “The Lightkeeper’s Bride” immediately afterward.

In this book, Katie Russell is expected by her parents and society to marry well, meaning an engagement that promises a secure financial future.  According to her parents, that person should be Bartholomew Foster.  She does not think this is a good match because she does not have feelings for him other than she likes him because he is a nice person.

As one of the telephone operators in the town of Mercy Falls, CA, Katie overhears a conversation between a somewhat familiar male voice and her friend Elisa.  Immediately after the call, Elisa is missing.  Her baby is found in her home but no one seems to know where Elisa might be.  Katie finds out that Elisa’s whereabouts might be linked to another investigation by the new lighthouse keeper.  This second investigation involves pirates and the deaths of many dead sailors who washed ashore during a storm.

Katie and the new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson join forces to solve the disappearance of Elisa and the pirating going on in the area.  Their lives are put in peril and Katie can’t help but notice Will’s sense of peace because of his trust in God.

I encourage you to check this book out at your Cross Plains Public Library in the Christian section and learn how the mysteries are solved.

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