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"Rugged and Relentless: Husbands for Hire" by Kelly Eileen Hake

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Want to read a fun book with impossible situations surrounding the main characters?  Then I highly recommend “Rugged & Relentless: Husbands for Hire” by Kelly Eileen Hake.


Jacob Granger leaves wealth, a sawmill, and parents back east to track down his brother’s killer.  (His family has kept hidden the circumstances surrounding the man’s death.)

Evelyn Thompson, with her engaged sister and two friends, place an ad in the local newspapers for husbands to help them start a sawmill on land they own in a town they named “Hope Falls.”  Their real intention is to read through the responses to their ad and select men they think they want to meet.  When they arrive in “Hope Falls” two dozen men are already there... ready and waiting… and on their best behavior. 

Jacob Granger tracks his brother’s killer to “Hope Falls” and becomes one of the foremen for the sawmill.  While there, he is trying to narrow down the list of suspects, based on the vague description he was given. You can imagine the turmoil as men continue to arrive daily in answer to the ad.

You can check out this book in the Christian section of your Cross Plains Public Library.


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