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"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown

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Sometimes when I write a review, I look at the online reviews to see what others are saying.  Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” does not rate very high, compared to his “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons.”  I have not read either of those, so my take on the book is more favorable.  Although the book is full of “filler” (maybe he had a minimum # of pages to submit) it is a good thriller and I found myself - more than once - eagerly awaiting the outcome of certain events.  It did plod along at times, and I was thinking “just get on with it!”

I had watched “The DaVinci Code” movie before, so it was easy to imagine Tom Hanks, as Robert Langdon, running around Washington, D.C. looking for clues to unveil the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries and Masonic secrets.  Having lived near D.C. in the past, and making many visits there, I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the many places tied to the mystery - it makes me want to visit them again with a different perspective now, just to see how much of the novel is truth and how much is fiction.

In this installment, Professor Langdon is summoned to the Capitol Building only to find a severed left hand placed strategically on the floor, with a Masonic ring on it.  Langdon recognizes the ring as belonging to his friend Peter Solomon, who has been kidnapped by a nemesis eventually identified as Mal’akh.  The CIA becomes involved, as well as Peter’s sister, Kathleen, and the hunt begins to unravel clue after clue in order to save Peter.

I never saw the twist at the end regarding Mal’akh - guess I’m just a little dense, huh? But I can’t say any more without spoiling it for the reader.  I would certainly recommend this book for a good adventure.

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