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"Speaking In Bones" by Kathy Reichs

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I highly recommend Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs for a good murder mystery.

Temperance Brennan has a problem:  the love of her life, Andrew Ryan, has finally proposed.  Tempe is torn:  her first marriage failed; does she want to try again?   In the midst of her personal quandary, amateur detective Lucky Strike, who combs the web for evidence on “cold cases,” comes to see Tempe.  Lucky is convinced that some old bones in the lab belong to a teenage girl who disappeared a year or so ago.  Tempe isn't convinced, but agrees to take another look.

To Tempe's surprise and consternation, once she's on the trail, more bones show up.  It seems more than one person was murdered at about the same time and in a nearby place.  Then Lucky is found murdered, shortly after she had left Tempe a desperate phone message!  Local people talk of satanic cults in the area, but it's a secretive religious sect that attracts Tempe's attention and leads her into great personal danger.  Trying to find justice for the victims and separate the saints from the sinners could cost her her life!

Will Tempe survive her latest rush into danger?   And if she does, what will she decide about Andrew Ryan's proposal?

Look for an exciting bonus at the end of the novel!


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