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"The Roswell Conspiracy" by Boyd Morrison

Tyler Locke Series Book #3

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I have thoroughly enjoyed Boyd Morrison’s Tyler Locke Series - well-researched mysteries that challenge the reader to be open-minded about far-fetched possible answers to mysteries of earth and space. I just read Morrison’s 3rd book in this series, “The Roswell Conspiracy,” which is fast-paced and easy to read - a James Bond meets National Geographic thriller!  If you like geology, astronomy and ancient mysteries, then you’ll love this novel!  Like his first two books, Morrison doesn’t require the reader to follow a lot of subplots or remember a lot of characters.

This time Tyler Locke gets drawn into a mystery surrounding Fay Turia, who has an artifact with strange markings on it that she received when she was ten years old.  Back then, she lived in Roswell, NM, and remembers seeing a strange ship crash nearby and meeting an alien who gave her the artifact.  Now living in Australia, she has spent her life studying UFOs and researching the markings on the artifact.  Out of curiosity, Locke and his friend Grant Westfield visit Turia and end up in the middle of a gunfight.  Seems that her artifact holds the key to a map that some believe leads to a powerful weapon. One of those is a Russian fugitive, Vladimir Colchev, who wants the weapon to annihilate the US and ingratiate himself back with Russia.  Locke, Westfield, Turia and her granddaughter Jess McBride (coincidentally, a former girlfriend of Locke) end up in a race against Colchev to find the answers to the clues on the artifact.

While reading, I wondered just how much of the technology in the book was real and how much was fabricated.  I was delighted once again as Morrison, in his epilogue, details his research for this book and clarifies items that are real, those that are experimental, and those that are made up for the story.

Author Morrison started his career working for NASA, and after earning a PhD in engineering, he developed patents at Thomson/RCA, then managed a video game testing group in Microsoft's Xbox division before becoming a full-time writer. He is also a professional actor, appearing in films, commercials, and stage plays. In 2003 he fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a Jeopardy! champion.

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