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"Lady Justice and the Sting" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #5

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Robert Thornhill takes on a more serious subject in his 5th installment - “Lady Justice and the Sting.”  This time Kansas City cop Walt Williams is after the powerful pharmaceutical companies supported by greedy politicians. Thornhill takes this opportunity to explore the dilemma: prescribed medication or natural remedies?  You can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing commercials for prescription drugs to cure this or that ailment.  The fine print on the TV screen warns the patient of the multitude of side effects, some of which are scarier than the ailment itself! But if you need the drug, what alternatives do you have? 

While Walt and his new bride Maggie are embroiled in exposing these discrepancies and catching the bad guys, their friend Jerry and Walt’s dad, John, provide the humor as they work on their “bucket lists,” resulting in eighty-seven year-old John and his girlfriend, eighty-six year-old Bernice Crenshaw being apprehended by police for indecent exposure.

It’s another suspenseful fast-paced comedy that I think you will enjoy, but start with the first novel and read forward.

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