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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"The Gun" by Lyle Brandt

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This one is for all you western fans.  “The Gun” by Lyle Brandt is a new title that came into the library in September.

Matt Price is a gun-for-hire and very cool- headed, so he has stayed alive to this date.  He gets a note for HELP from a female friend Anabelle, whom he has not seen for 12 years.  Anabelle is now married with a son and her husband is in a wheel chair, crippled by a gunshot to his back because he stood up to a man named Rankin who owns most of the town - and the marshal.

Rankin and his “boys” are terrorizing the locals; Rankin wants their land and if they do not agree with his offers and terms they find their lives threatened or, as Matt discovers after arriving in Purgatory, TX, their resistance could cause them to die in a fire during the night.

Rankin’s “boys” try to sneak up to Matt’s room at the hotel to kill him, but they all are killed by Matt.  Matt refuses to got to work for Rankin, so Rankin, through his contacts, finds another “shooter” like Matt who has a score to settle.

I think the dialog between the two “shooters’ as they arrange a showdown shows their respect for each other as they discuss what will take place.

Rankin hedges his bets and gets citizens of Purgatory who are with his ideas to buy everyone out and set a trap for whichever “shooter” survives.  The final shootout is very detailed.

Oh Yes!  I forgot to mention that Anabelle’s son is 11 years old and Matt’s son!

You can find “The Gun” in the large print section of your local Cross Plains Public Library.


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