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"Lady Justice and the Assassin" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #13

Lady Justice and the Assassin by [Thornhill, Robert]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Robert Thornhill’s “Lady Justice and the Assassin” - book #13 in the Lady Justice Series.  In this installment, Henry Martin is a hard-working, law-abiding, husband and father - just the type who would assassinate the President of the United States - right?  Henry has lost his job, maxed out his credit cards, and his house is in foreclosure, forcing the family to move in with his in-laws.  Meanwhile, members of the Aryan Revolution and the Ozark Militia have joined forces to fight a common enemy - the U.S. Government.  They need someone squeaky-clean and down-on-his-luck to carry out their plot and Henry fills the bill.  Henry balks at the idea, but then desperate times call for desperate measures, and although his family may not understand, he decides to join them and be their hit man - for $250,000.

Kansas City cop Walt Williams and his partner Ox are part of the contingency that will guard the President during his visit to the city to dedicate a new pre-school.  And of course, these officers become deeply involved in the case.  But not before they get assigned to help identify the latest street gang and put its members behind bars. Assisted by their senior citizen friends and Louie the Lip, Walt and his gang takes us on another hilarious adventure!

Although this book stands alone as a novel, I recommend starting with the first book to get acquainted with the characters. 

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