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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"The Lost Key” by Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison

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Ready for a great book?  I just finished “The Lost Key” by Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison.  Coulter writes FBI thrillers and historical romance novels.   This story is part of the international thriller series featuring her character Nicholas Drummond.  It is a captivating novel with constant twists and turns to keep your attention.  I did not want to put the book down; I was eager to know what would happen next.

In his first hour on the job in the New York field office, freshly minted FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine, are called to investigate a stabbing on Wall Street.  They quickly learn that the victim, John Pearce, is more than the naval historian and antiquities dealer he appeared to be.  He’s known as “The Messenger” but that is where the trail ends.

Drummond and Caine must navigate their way through deadly secrets dating back to an incredible theft during World War I.  They’re up against a brilliant madman, Manfred Havelock, who will do anything to retrieve what’s been lost for nearly a century.  Only one person, Pearce’s nineteen-year-old son, Adam, a gifted hacker, knows where to look.  And he’s gone missing.

John Pearce’s cryptic dying words …. “The key is in the lock” …. sets into motion an eleventh-hour race to solve the riddle of What key, and What lock, with Havelock one step ahead of Drummond and Caine, leaving mayhem and death in his wake.  They must find Adam and stop Havelock before he changes the world forever.

I highly recommend this book, which is available at the library.

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