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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"The Treasure of Adonis" by Carol Kjar

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In anticipation of the library’s Meet the Author with Carol Kjar on Tuesday, Nov.10, I read her book, ”The Treasure of Adonis.”  The main character is Charlea Ludlow, who for 12 years has been hoping that her husband Mark, who is MIA, will return from the Korean Conflict.  She puts her life on hold, wondering what happened to him and if he's trying to get home, talking to his picture when she feels lonely.

All of that changes when she meets Roland and David, who are seeking clues to a hidden treasure mentioned in an old letter.  Handsome Roland makes her heart flutter, but David reminds her of Mark.  She is surprised by the new emotions that draw her to them. The men go about their search covertly until the town drunk, Leon, overhears their conversation about the treasure.  Leon wants it for himself and will stop at nothing to find it first, including attacking Charlea to get the letter. Roland and David come to her rescue, but it is only the beginning. 

Danger, fear, and love follow Charlea as she helps Roland and David search for the treasure, while searching for her own answers: would she keep hoping for her husband's return or open her heart to love again?"

I found the book to be a bit of a thriller and a bit of a mystery.  I never would have contemplated the end!  The author's style is fun-loving and a fast read.  I was drawn in and could not wait for the end.  You will have no trouble keeping small side plots or the characters separated.

Charlea’s character was realistic and I think most could relate to the situations she found herself in.  I had a smile on my face through most of it… but not all. 

I recommend it for both male and female readers, just enough suspense and with just a bit of romance.   If you choose to read it I know you will enjoy.

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