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"Lady Justice and the Lottery" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #14

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What would you do if you won the lottery?  Morty and Earl are about to find out in Robert Thornhill’s “Lady Justice and the Lottery” - book #14 in the Lady Justice Series.  Morty and Earl are septuagenarians who want their winnings to turn back time to a safer and simpler world by doing good things in their communities.  But of course, being big winners opens them up to all kinds of problems - relatives and new “friends” who are only interested in a handout, as well as criminals who plot to extort money from them.

Of course, Kansas City cop Walt Williams and his partner Ox become embroiled with the winners. Instead of re-creating the past, the two winners send Walt into the future where he uses “drones and Star Trek phasers” to give Lady Justice a hand.  I am a Star Trek fan, so I enjoyed this sub-plot; however, non-fans will be able follow easily.  In the end, Morty and Earl discover that the past is the past and money really can’t buy happiness.  And, once again, Walt’s circle of senior citizen friends provides the comedy in this mystery.

Although this book stands alone as a novel, I recommend starting with the first book to get acquainted with the characters. 

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