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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"Undercover Bride" by Margaret Brownley

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   For a good read, check out the Undercover Ladies Series by Margaret Brownley. I just finished reading the second book “Undercover Bride,” a delightful novel with lots of surprises and twists.
    Maggie Cartwright became a Pinkerton detective because her father was an outlaw who was hanged.  To her he had done terrible things so she wanted to  try to make up to society for his wrong doing. Maggie goes undercover as a mail-order bride to widower Garrett Thomas, the suspected “Whistle-Stop Bandit”.  She has been corresponding with him, so knows he has children.  Once she arrives in Arizona Territory she begins to feel that Garrett Thomas is not the criminal type and begins to have feelings for his children, then for Garrett.
    She has to keep up the deception as $100.00 bills start to show up as “gifts” for the school and for the needy.  Her partner Rikker warns her not to get personally involved as Garrett is arrested and she panics. Time is running out to prove him innocent before she goes to her next assignment. What is she to do?  The children cannot be left alone.  
    Check out his book at the library and see what happens next. As for me, I am going to read the first book in the series.

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