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"Lady Justice and the Watchers" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #8

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Book #8 in Robert Thornhill’s Lady Justice Series, “Lady Justice and the Watchers,” explores the conundrum of modern technology: how can we maintain our privacy without giving up cellphones, computers, and other conveniences in our everyday lives?  How far will the government go to protect us from crooks and terrorists and not abuse their power?  Is George Orwell’s novel “1984” actually coming to fruition before our very eyes?  How aware are we of the threats to our freedom caused by the misuse of technology?

As usual, Thornhill approaches this subject with humor in this fast-paced mystery-comedy novel.  The main character, Walt Williams, is a Kansas City cop who is caught in this moral dilemma as many good things come from the technology available to him, but at what price?  OnStar tracking in a car, a micro-chip sewn into clothing, and a cellphone are just some of the technology that helps Walt defeat the bad guys.  When a terrorist cell is working in Kansas City, Walt is recruited to infiltrate the group.  He meets up with a band called ‘The Watchers’ whose purpose is to watch those who are watching us.  Of course, his band of senior citizen friends and family are there, as always, to support him and provide the comic relief.

These books are such an easy read (you have to overlook the occasional typo) and yet cause the reader to really think about the subject matter.  Thornhill doesn’t preach, but gives a fairly balanced view of both sides.  As many of us do, Walt walks away without solving the moral dilemma placed before him.  After reading this book, I will certainly be more aware of what the consequences are for living a more convenient lifestyle.

Without giving away the ending, I was pleased that friendship won - just goes to show what reaching out to others can do.

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