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"Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #10

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The latest installment in Robert Thornhill’s Lady Justice Series centers around a serial killer called The Librarian, because he leaves an appropriate mystery novel near each of his victims.  In “Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders” a Kansas City book club’s dwindling membership causes the last three members to seek a “more exciting” club than their present one.  They decide to commit the perfect robbery, but member Oscar Roach has murder on his mind.  He wants to become the most notorious serial killer of all time, surpassing the infamous Zodiac killer.  Roach reads all the books he can on the subject of committing the perfect crime and is diligent about adhering to them.

Kansas City cop Walt Williams and his partner Ox are caught smack dab in the middle once again.  Although Roach is deemed a suspect, he has set up an alibi for some of the murders to throw suspicion away from himself.  As each killing becomes more gruesome, the police are stymied.  When Roach kills a cop in broad daylight, it becomes personal for the police force.

The book has a lighthearted story line about Ox and his girlfriend/fellow cop Judy - nuptials are upcoming, and with the recent killing spree, the couple decide to get married in two weeks!  Of course, because Walt and Ox have been harassing him, Roach targets them for his next killing and the upcoming wedding provides the perfect venue.  Once again Walt’s entourage of friends and family provide comic relief and come to the rescue.

Although this book stands alone as a novel, I recommend starting with the first book to get acquainted with the characters.

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