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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"Family Jewels" by Stuart Woods

I just finished listening to Stuart Woods’ “Family Jewels” - a Stone Barrington novel - on audiobook.  I had never read a book by this author before, and probably won’t read others by Woods - not my cup of tea.  I chose the book because I needed something that I thought both my husband and I would enjoy on a long road trip.  It did make the drive more entertaining and some of the plot twists created lively discussions between us during the trip.  Unfortunately, the ending was somewhat predictable, but I can overlook that due to the interesting historical facts that were woven into the plot.

Stone Barrington is a lawyer - a very rich one.  He reminds me of a single Jonathan Hart (from the Hart to Hart television series) in that he has immeasurable wealth to jet around the world and solve mysteries.  The difference is that Jennifer Hart has been replaced by the latest fling-of-the-month.  Barrington is hired by an equally-as-wealthy woman and ends up involved in crimes that revolve around a stolen piece of jewelry pictured in a famous painting.  It was the search for the jewels that I found the most interesting; the rest of the book felt like “filler.”

If you like Woods’ other Stone Barrington novels, then you’ll probably like this one too.  

This novel is also available at the library in hardcover, as well as audiobook format.

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