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Cross Plains Public Library (TX)

"Looking For Me" by Beth Hoffman

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Teddi Overman started her career in antiques when she found a chair left for trash pickup in Kentucky.  She could turn another man’s trash into a “Treasure” for someone else.  She is able to eventually able to open her own antique store, find friends, and fine tune her refurbishing skills in Charleston, South Carolina.

The customers in the store add interest and a little comedy to the story.   One being an eccentric old lady who shoplifts item.  Her son said to just send him the bill anytime that him mom took something.  Teddi befriends the old woman.  Upon her death the son visits to thank her and a relationship develops.

Teddi’s brother Josh had been missing for several years, but suddenly there are hints that he is possibly still alive.  To further investigate she must return to Kentucky and come to terms with her shattered family and find herself.  

Should she sell the shop or not?  She has some hard choices to make.

The development of characters and their relationships with each other gives the book it’s interest.  The people she hires and her customers are unique. 

You can find this book in the Fiction section at your Cross Plains Public Library.

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