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"Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes" by Robert Thornhill

Lady Justice Series Book #2

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Fans of Elvis will enjoy the next installment of Robert Thornhill's Lady Justice Series. In "Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes" a newly-discovered recording session by "The King" stuns the music industry and sends Kansas City cop Walt Williams and his band of senior citizens on more hilarious adventures.  This time, he infiltrates a gay bar, works undercover as a transvestite, poses as the Virgin Mary in an outdoor nativity scene, and becomes an Elvis impersonator - all in the line of duty.

Thornhill tells a tale that brings back memories of The Crazy Kats, Eddie Wilson, Bo Diddley, and musicians from that era, including many of the early songs from Elvis.

Once again, humor fills Thornhill's book and he had me laughing out loud as inept chef Walt, and his equally challenged sous chef - and girlfriend - Maggie, raid the pantry to provide a Thanksgiving meal for their friends: turkey rubbed with Old El Paso seasoning, Wonder bread with onion and lettuce for stuffing, stock made with chicken noodle soup and crab boil, and gravy made with Aunt Jemima pancake mix. The result: Taco Bell meets Joe's Crab Shack.

Two new characters are also introduced in this book: Jerry, the comic who thinks he is the next Rodney Dangerfield, and Pastor Bob, who gives direction and insight into Walt's spiritual questions.  Both are as colorful as the characters we met in the first novel.  And, in the final chapter, Walt poses a question that will change his life forever! 

Be sure to read these books in order for the best experience.

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