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"A Heart's Home" by Colleen Coble

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In “A Heart’s Home” by Colleen Coble, Emmie believes her life is finally perfect as she has accepted the marriage proposal of Isaac Liddle, who is a soldier at Fort Phil Kearney in Wyoming.  Was she married before? as she is pregnant at this time.  One of her best friends dies of a fever after birthing a baby girl and her friend’s husband visits her to remind her of her promise that if anything happened to her friend, Emmie would marry the widowed husband and take care of the baby.  Of course this was before she had accepted Isaac’s proposal.  She is broken as to what the right thing to do is.

With the men at the fort being gone a lot during this winter on “log duty” so that everyone will have plenty of firewood for the Wyoming winter the women stay at the fort as there are hostile Indians. The Indians are attacking the men and killing a large portion of them.  They select two men to leave at separate times to go to for additional troops and ammunition.  Since Isaac is single with no children he is the second one to be sent.

To find out the answer to the following questions check it out…

Does either of the soldiers make to get help?

Does Emmie marry her friend’s widower?

Do the Sioux attack the fort?

Since this is in large print it is very fast reading of only 183 pages.  The characters are easy to keep separate, while the story line has just enough plots to keep it very interesting.   I really enjoyed this book and wish it was a 500-page book.  There are a few other of Coble’s books at the library and I intend to read them.  You will find this book in the “Large Print,” Christian Reading section at the Cross Plains Public Library.


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